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Gillian Frost Reflexology Alford, Aberdeenshire

Workplace stress. Feel Less Stressed 2019

Is stress related illness impacting your workforce?

How do you manage your workplace stress?

20 minute 'stress busting' sessions may be the perfect solution - either foot, hand or face reflexology sessions at your place of work.

Stress is not an illness – it is a state. However, if stress becomes too excessive and prolonged, mental and physical illness may develop. Stress can affect how we feel, think, behave and how our bodies work. There is little you can do to prevent stress, but there are many things you can do to manage stress more effectively, such as learning how to relax, taking regular exercise and adopting good time-management techniques.

Research has shown that prolonged periods of stress can have physical effects such heart disease, pain, headaches, reduced immunity and gastrointestinal problems can have psychological effects like anxiety and depression.

Reflexology is relaxing, and relaxing helps to restore and maintain the body's natural balance which leads to harmony, good health and an improved sense of wellbeing. Reflexology relieves tension, anxiety and reduces stress, in turn your staff may have increased energy, improved mood and sleep better.

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